I’ve taken care of many different kinds of animals and am always expanding my knowledge. If there’s something I don’t know, I’m happy to learn about it! I strongly prefer to be PAID upfront at the beginning of house sitting/dog walking assignment. I don’t want to be a pest and ask for payment afterward.

Initial Meet & Greet: No Charge
– Tour of the house
– Review of pets’ food and/or medicine
– Details of heating adjustment, washer/dryer usage, trash/recycling usage, and any additional needs.

Small Pets –  House Visit: $20 per visit

Includes cats, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, chickens,  ferrets,  etc. Do you have larger farm animals? Let’s talk.

Mid-day Dog Walk: $20 per visit (I can only do this on weekends or holidays because I have a full time job now.)

Overnight Pet: $50 per night, plus an additional $10-20 for barn animals depending on size and number – this varies case by case.  Includes midday walk.

House sitting: $50 per day, for someone who doesn’t have a pet but you need a reliable professional to stay in your home while you are on vacation…Tender Laura Care to the rescue.  I will do a thorough house check each day inside and out, making sure the house is safe and secure.  I will be there when the weather suddenly changes and you’re worried about the heat or the air conditioning.  I will bring in packages and tend to yard or house work.  I leave your house just as you left it or better.

(Overnight Stay Cancellation Policy: $30 per night cancellation fee.)

Professional Organizing: $15 per hour.

siegel-5Holidays: An additional $10 per day


Jan.15-18 Martin Luther King Jr.            Feb. 12-15 Presidents Day                May 27-30 Memorial Day                         July 1-4 Independence Day                    July 13 Birthday                                         Sept. 2-5 Labor Day

Oct. 7-10 Columbus Day                           Nov. 11-14 Veterans Day

Nov. 18-27 Thanksgiving                         Dec. 23-Jan. 2, 2017 Winter Break

Either cash or check address to “Laura Siegel.” I also have Venmo (@Tender-Laura-Care) and PayPal (You can find me by searching for my email address – TLCStowe@gmail.com).
If you have a personal alternative preference of payment, let me know! I also prefer to have the money upfront on the first day of the assignment.