Pet Sitting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Tender Laura Care has compiled the following list of the most frequently asked questions for her pet sitting and dog walking services. If your questions are not answered here, please feel to contact me.

Q: Why should I use Tender Laura Care?

A: Your pet/s will remain in his or her familiar, secure environment and follow his or her customary diet and exercise routine. Your pet/s is not exposed to illness of other animals. Most importantly, your pet/s receives lots of love and personal attention while you are away. Clients have found me to be loving, dependable and trustworthy! If you need references, just ask!

Q: What do you do on a visit?

A: My pet sitting visits include: Feeding per your instructions, fresh water, dogs walked, love and play time, brushing, litter box cleaned, bird cage cleaned, medication given if needed, mail and newspaper brought in, plants watered, lights on and off. Lots of TLC!!!

Q: If my pet has an “accident”, do you clean it up?

A: Yes, I will always clean up after your pets to the best of my ability. I will do a walk through to check for accidents before I leave.

Q: Do I have to give you a key?

A: Yes, it would be easier to know of a hidden location. So I don’t have to make an extra trip to pick up and/or drop off the key.

Q: Do you charge for the initial consultation?

A: There is no charge for the initial consultation.

Q: May I give my pet sitter / dog walker a gratuity?

A: Absolutely! You may add a gratuity to your bill but taxes will have to be taken out and be reported.

Q: Do you pick up my dog’s waste when you are walking?

A: Yes, I do. If possible, please provide the bags.

Q: What kind of animals do you care for?

A: I care for most animals, as long as they don’t pose a danger to me. I will not care for any animals that have a history of biting, fighting or attacking other animals or people.

Q: How long are your visits?

A: No time limit visits! I believe you and your pets’ happiness will be my gauge, not the clock. Many of our clients come to ME for this reason. I promise to stay for as long as it takes to make your pet happy, secure and comfortable. If your pet needs extra time to form a bond, I will do that.

Q: Do you offer any sort of satisfaction guarantee?

A: You want to know that your pets will be cared for just the way you specify. I will guarantee it every time! If you are not 100% satisfied with the service that was provided, I will be happy to address your concerns. I believe in lasting client relationships, so my service is only complete when you return home and are completely satisfied.

Q: I am leaving in two days and don’t have time to meet you. Will you take care of my pets without meeting them?

A: No, I insist on an initial consultation before taking care of your pets.

Q: Can you let me know how my pet is doing while I’m away?

A: Yes, absolutely. I have a habit of sending various text messages and/or emails to check in once in a while. You are also welcome to check out my business’s Facebook page or Instagram page.

Q: Do you charge a holiday fee?

A: Yes, I do. I pet sit 365 days a year. I do charge a holiday fee of $10 per visit on the following holidays listed under the Rates section.

Q: Are you insured and bonded?

A: Yes. I carry liability insurance.

Q: Do you board pets?

A: At the time being, I do not board pets in my home. I provide daily visits for your pets or I can stay overnight as well. I NEVER take in pets into my home. The reason is if an animal urinate onto my property, other animals will be tempted to urinate over my property to mark “their” territory. I wish to avoid that.

I will customize a schedule to fit your pets’ needs. Your pets will be much happier in their own home stress free!

Q: Do you have an overnight sitter available in all of your service areas?

A: I have a few backups in case I am unable to cover.

Q: How is payment handled?

A: I accept cash or check. You may address the check to “Laura Siegel”.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: In order to best serve your needs, the strict cancellation policy is follows – Daily Walks are subject to a 24 Hour cancellation period. It’s $30 per night.

Q: Will I get a refund if I come home early?

A: No, as stated above, once service begins, there are no refunds or credits. Early Returns/Last minute Changes: It is not unusual for trip plans to change at the last minute.

Q: What is your privacy policy?

A: Tender Laura Care will safeguard the confidentiality and security of the information I obtain from you. I am committed to protecting your privacy.

Q: What types of medicine can you administer?

A: I am able to give all types of medicine to all pets. This includes pills, drops, ointments, lotions and injections.

Q: Do you charge extra to administer medication?

A: There is no extra charge for administering medication. This is included in my standard prices.

Q: Can you administer medication on a very specific schedule?

A: Some medicines need to be administered on a very particular schedule. We can meet the schedule that you specify.

Q: What will you do if my pet becomes ill while I am away?

A: If I suspect that something is wrong with your pet, I will call you at the emergency phone numbers I have on file for you. I will describe the situation with your pet. If you believe the veterinarian should see your pet, I will transport your pet to the veterinarian’s office for examination and treatment. In the event I cannot reach you, I will decide if your pet should be seen by the veterinarian. If necessary, I will take your pet for treatment. You will be billed for any extra time we spend for these services.

Q: Can you train my dog?

A: While I am skilled in taking care of pets, I do not have specialized training skills.

Q: Can you pet sit for my pet that is sometimes aggressive?

A: During your initial consultation, if I feel your pet is too aggressive, I will not take the job. I need to make sure that I am safe or else I won’t be able to keep your pets safe.

Q: Can you take my dog to the local dog park or a local trail?

A: Yes, I can arrange for outings to a local dog park or other off-leash areas. I will only allow your dog/s to be off leash where it is legally permitted. Even though your dog/s is allowed to be off leash, I always use appropriate judgment.