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Tender Laura Care is a fully insured pet care and house sitting and professional organizing business that serves any homes located: Waterbury, Waterbury Center, Middlesex and Montpelier.

She ONLY covers homes/hotels along route along the highway 89 from Waterbury to Montpelier. She is based in Waterbury. Laura Siegel, the owner of Tender Laura Care, knows both animals and people’s homes well, and tries to provide a relaxing and playful environment within their comfort zone for dogs, cats etc., and a neat and accessible home through the services provided.

Her primary goal is to keep pets and owners happy and healthy within their familiar surroundings. The first priority is to do what is needed to ensure each pet and each home is safe and comfortable so that her client can be at ease.

Meet & Greet: Laura always does a free meet & greet session with every client before taking on any assignments. She wants to ensure both clients and animals that everyone gets along.

Make sure I am available before you book your vacation or business trip! It’s always a great idea to book me ASAP!